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The sunny girl from Mossdeep City!
Hiya! I'm Tachibana Seika and I'm heading out on my first Pokemon adventure! This is my blog thing that will be updated as I go along!

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Topic: Food

Seika isn’t a fussy eater and she will literally fight you for food (she has younger siblings who are very grabby - it’s every man for themselves out there)

((Sei is originally an AKB0048 OC, and her goal (which she has just achieved) is to succeed Murashige Anna, who is known for her mentaiko gag. Seika realised she’d never had mentaiko before -and if she was gonna succeed the mentaiko girl, of course she’d need to try it right???-. She very much regretted that decision))

Hates cauliflower. Not particularly keen on vegetables, but if they look nice, that’s half the battle.

Her family runs a hotel and they always put on mega-feasts. She enjoys helping out in the kitchen, though isn’t particularly useful.

Snacks a lot, but generally on fruit rather than lollies etc.